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If you are a Shopaholic, France will become your new best friend. Large cities like Paris have amazing department stores where you can do your duty free (and tax-free) shopping right on the spot (don’t forget that French taxes are around 19%).

In France, you can find whatever you want, including hundreds of famous brands.

If you prefer small and quaint shops and strolling through the streets of several little villages in France, you will find what you are looking for.

We can organize a shopping tour for you and your friends, with professional tour guides that will bring you to all the right places…

Shopping in France

North or South, East or West, every single region of France produces its own cheese. The cheeses are made from different milks (cow milk or goat milk) and with different textures, levels of pasteurization, smells and tastes. All cheeses have their nuances.

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