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Have you ever experienced a French market? You can find everything you want in them; there is always an exciting market somewhere, waiting to be explored.

From colorful local products to clothing, you will be amazed with the diversity of the markets. All parts of France have their own markets (depending on the day of the week), they are usually easy to find just by talking with the locals. Markets are a great way to immerse yourself in the French culture and language. Try out the lifestyle of the French and stroll through the food, antique, art and clothing markets.

Every region of France has its own regional dish. From North to South you will be guaranteed not to eat the same thing twice.

Some special markets, like the Christmas market, are very popular in the Alsace and Provence regions. A specialty market, like the Christmas market, will be sure to put you in the holiday spirit and give you lots of ideas for your holiday shopping.

How about an Antique market? If you like Antiques, you are sure to find a keepsake here. More and more French villages are becoming very famous for these types of markets.

We do have a list of all the specialties markets, get ready for a tour of them, or try to include them during your stay in France, there are a “Must” ….

Markets of France

North or South, East or West, every single region of France produces its own cheese. The cheeses are made from different milks (cow milk or goat milk) and with different textures, levels of pasteurization, smells and tastes. All cheeses have their nuances.

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